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  Zhongda Sports Industry Group founded in November 1998,with registered capital of 50 millions RMB.It occupies 300 hectares of land,fixed assets values nearly 0.3 billion RMB with over 600 employees and 32 R&D personnel.In May 1999,we were approved to Export and Import by ourselves.  


  After 15 years development,with leading five new subsidiaries:Rizho Zzhongda Machinery and Electronic Co.,Ltd,Rizhao Zhongda Health and Fitness Co.,Ltd,Rizhao Eastern Health and Fitness Co.,Ltd,Rizhao Aikang Health and Fitness Co.,Ltd,Rizhao Meistar Trade Co.,Ltd,become an integrated group and operating international trade,sport products R&D centre,manufacturing and sales.


  Quality is our top priority and enterprise's life.We were certified by ISO89000/14000 and GB/T28001-2001.And the treadmills,magnetic bikes,comperhensive training equipments,cross trainer and erc have obtained TUV,SGS,CE,RC,SUNCAP certification.The productions have exported to Europe,America,UL,Southeast Asia,South Africa,South America,more than 40 countries and regions all over the world.


  Our R&D team grows bigger and stronger to gain competitive advantage these years.The company in cooperation with Shanghai Univerrsity of Sport to establish production-teaching-research base,and with The Shangdong Province Sports Scientific Research Center and Qufu Normal University conduct a clooaborative innoation cooperation,establishment the ''Zhongda Sports Engineering Collaborative Innovation Research center''.


In 2011,the electric treadmill we produced was named''Shandong famous brand''.In 2012 the trademark was named''Shandong famous trademark''.11608.6 square meters of Product R&D,display,and fitness center is under construction,and completed by the end of 2015.

Health first,the other is zero.

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